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Chinese ink, silk and lacquer paintings of Dang Duong Bang in Gallery Amber

25th April 1998.


On April 25th at 16.00 pm the Vietnamese historic and art specialist Prof. Dr. John Kleinen will open our exhibition of the paintings of Dr. Dang Duong Bang, born 1951 in Hanoi

Tributary to a friend of painters of the old generation who were educated in the style of the French School, Bang at a young age took an interest in the pictorial art of the villages, the old Buddhist sculptures and lacquer paintings as well as brushing with Chinese ink.

As a descendant of the bourgeois he could not fulfill his dream of a dancing career or an education from the Academies des Beaux-Arts of Hanoi. Instead he received training in biochemistry. He worked in Vietnam, Australia and several European countries and received his Mathematic and Natural Sciences Doctor degree in Molecular genetics from the University of Leiden. In all the countries, like in Denmark where he is currently employed, he painted and exhibited hid art works.

From both East and West, Bang accumulated an impressive collection of children paintings that inspires him to refined simplicity irrespective of his use of Chinese ink, lacquer or oil.

Two well-known painters from Leiden Nicole Carvajl and Fer Hakkaart, will converse with Prof. Dr. John Kleinen and comment on the works in the present of the artist.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you.


Irma and Octaaf Roef

Gallery Amber

Leiden, The Netherlands. 



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