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Chinese ink, silk and lacquer paintings of Dang Duong Bang in Gallery Amber

25th April 1998.


On April 25th at 16.00 pm the Vietnamese historic and art specialist Prof. Dr. John Kleinen will open our exhibition of the paintings of Dr. Dang Duong Bang, born 1951 in Hanoi. Read more ...


Opening Lecture of the exposition of Dang Duong Bang at Gallery Armber 25/4/2000


Dang Duong Bang - an example of a beautiful combination of tradition and modern in Vietnamese contemporary art.


Prof. Dr, John Kleinen,

Professor in History and Art,

Specialist in Vietnamese History and Vietnamese art,

Faculty of History, University of Amsterdam,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Not so long ago one could hear the conception that modern plastic arts was a typical Western phenomenon, an area very well suited for art critics and art-history, art exhibits and art museums. Read more ...


Leids Dagblad 4-3-1998

Vietnamese artist Dang Duong Bang at Gallery Amber Leiden, The Netherland


”For me simplicity is importance”


Leiden. Cees Van Hoore.

(Translation from Dutch to English by Dr. E.M.J. Jaspars, Leiden Chemistry Institute, LeidenUniversity, Leiden, the Netherlands)


The Vietnamese painter Dang Doung Bang makes an ageless impression. ”For ever young”, but without that touch of sickness that sticks to this expression. Read more ... 


Leids Dagblad 25-04-2005

(Exhibition of Dang Duong Bang from 25 April 2005 at Gallery Amber, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


The Vietnamese Painter Dang Duong Bang shows his best in his traditional works


Art critic: Martijn Verhoeven

(Original in Dutch Leidendaglab 25 04 2005. Translation from Dutch into English by Prof. Dr. Pieter Telleman , Director of Institute of Micro and Nano-Technology (MIC) Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Lyngby, Denmark.)


On the second floor of Gallery Amber there is an oil painting of a monastery garden in the South of France. Read more ...  


The Biologist from Vietnam

By Emil Svendsen


One of the exhibiting artists in the North Zealand galleries is from Vietnam. Ordinarily he is a research scientist in poultry diseases. Read more ...


Introduction for the catalogue of exhibition “My little garden” of Dang Duong Bang on 29 April 2006 at Gallery Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark


Ole Limboe

Editor of Kunstmagasinet (The Art Magazine)


"A garden is not just a garden. It is a whole world of colours, shapes and fantasies if you look carefully. Just ask the Vietnamese artist Dang Duong Bang, read more ...  


Introduction for the catalogue of exhibition “Dream World” of Dang Duong Bang on 25 April 2008 at Gallery Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark


The Dream world

Ole Lindboe

Editor of Kunst Magasinet (Danish Art Magazine) and the author of several art books

How does the artist become an artist? Does it happen in spite of impossible condition? Read more ...


(Aarhus Wednesday Newspaper 19 September 2008)

As long as it is beautiful


Thomas Brune


As a journalist one gets tasks from time to time, where one has to drag a story out of a poor interview- victim and to stretch it a little here and there in order to be able to fill out a newspaper page. Read more ...







Beauty in Kimono




Naked woman



Sleeping beauty