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ART Curriculum Vitae


Name: Dang Doung Bang                                                                      

Date of birth: 25 April 1951

Present address:        Søgade 15, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Phone: + 45 86763997   Mobil: + 45 22822318

E-mail: ddba@vet.dtu.dk

Web site: http://dangduongbang-art.com

Art education:             Autodidact

                        1972-1973:        Two-year course in drawings,

Teachers: Pham Viet Song, Nguyen Duc Nung

1974                 1 year course in silk painting techniques.

                        Teacher: Tran Dong Luong.


            Group exhibitions:


1972     Hanoi Spring Fine Art Exhibition

1975     Hanoi Spring Fine Art Exhibition

1979      Hanoi Spring Fine Art Exhibition

1982     Phu khanh Fine Art Exhibition.


Solo exhibition:

2010    - Project with The Gate Foundation “The sounds of silence” Mural painting

-“Chinese New Year” exhibition, Balcony Gallery Aarhus Grant Theatre, Aarhus Denmark 

-“Vietnamese New year – The Tiger year 2010”, Gallery Jarsbo Aarhus, Denmark

            -Easter Holiday Exhibition, Jarsbo Gallery, Aarhus Denmark   

2009    -“New drawing of Dang Duong Bang” Yrsa Isabel Lind Gallery, Arhus, Denmark.

            - V58 Gallery Aarhus Denmark

2008   -”Dream world” Gallery Knud Grothe, CharlortenLund, Denmark

-“Spirit of LotusCentre for Vietnamese Modern Art Hanoi, Vietnam

2007    - “Wild garden” Gallery Art-Bank, Seoul, South Korea.

- “Lotus” Gallery No 27, Broadway, New York, USA

- “Beauty and lotus” Yrsa Isabel Lind Gallery, Arhus, Denmark

- Copenhagen Capacities Art Association

- Opticon Art Association

- National Veterinary Institute, Technical University of Denmark

- BRK Credit Art Association

2005    - “Spirit of lotus” California University Museum, USA

- “Water colour and Chinese Ink paintings from Dang Duong Bang” Gallery Amber, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2006   - Spring exhibition, ZETT Arhus, Denmark

- “My little garden” Gallery Knud Grothe, CharlortenLund, Denmark

2004   Gallery Knud Grothe, CharlottenLund, Denmark.

2003   Gallery No 27, Broadway, New York, USA

2000   Gallery Ved Kiken, Aarhus, Denmmark.

1999   Gallery Light-house, Ry, Denmark

- 125 year celebration of Catholic Church, Ride Hus, Aarhus, Denmark.

1998    Gallery Red Circle, Leiden, the Netherlands.

Gallery Amber, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

                        1997   Maison des Art, Paris, France.

1996    Library Gallery AZM, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

1995    Gallery Felix, Leiden, the Netherlands.

                        1993    Gallery Felix, Leiden, the Netherlands

1991    Gallery Felix, Leiden, the Netherlands.

1990    Library Gallery Leiden University, Leiden the Netherlands.

1985    « The Gade » UNESCO Art Centre, Paris, France.

1982    Library Statens Serum Institute (SSI) Copenhagen Denmark.

                        1980    Gallery of the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Melbourne, Australia.


Hanoi Art Association 1973.

Leiden Art Association 1997.


- Aarhus Wednesday Newspaper (Aarhus WounsdagAvis) 2008

- Knutpund (Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research Monthly News November 2008).

- “The Sunday” Newspaper Copenhagen (Kopenhavn Sundagavis) 2006

- “Green Amsterdam” 15 March 1999

- Leiden Daglab 28 April 2005

-”Het Gaatmij om de eenvoud” Leiden Dagblab 4-March 1998.

- EMBO journal 1999.

- ANWB Vietnamese guide book (in Netherlands) 1998

Television and Films:

2002 East-Jutland Television interview KUNSTAVIS.

Sold for:

Den Dansk bank, Denmark, NORDEA Bank, Denmark, South East University, Odense Denmark; Copenhagen  Capacities; Opticon; BRK Credit Art Association.


Works are in several private collections in Vietnam, Russia, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, Canada, and Unites State of America, The Netherlands and Denmark.  




The sound of silence 3  (120x120 cm) Tempera




The sound of silennce No. 13 (40 x40 cm) Tempera



The sound of silennce No. 14 (100 x80 cm) Tempera